Loose Leaf Teas and Brewing Accessories
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Joy's Jabberings — The Tea Noob

Where Do I Start?

new tea drinkers oolongs rock Tea101 The Tea Noob where to start

I got the best email today from a gentleman named Josh who has tried a number of teas from a national retailer. He's had some homeruns and some strikeouts and wanted to dive deeper into the overwhelming world of loose leaf teas. The problem: where to start?

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Change Our Steep Times?

JT Herself tea Tea Snobbery tea steep times The Tea Noob

It is my firm belief that those steep times are simply a jumping off point for negotiations!

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The Tea Noob Says Welcome

joysteaspoon loose leaf tea new tea drinker tea tea tin tea101 The Tea Noob

Getting to Know You Me Tea by The Tea Noob The first time I drank tea I was at my great-grandmother's house.  I must have been really young, because she moved in with my grandmother when I was three.  It was Lipton or Luzianne chilled in the fridge.  (Don't hate, yo.  I still love a cheap black tea in a bag.)  I don't remember particularly liking or disliking it at the time, but I distinctly remember thinking that I was very grown up to be drinking tea. I wasn't really a fan of tea in my elementary school years (which...

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