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Joy's Jabberings — Tranquility

Got A Case of the Tuesday's?

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by Sarah the Tea Mistress Tea in the morning can be more than part of a balanced breakfast; it can be anything from a life saver to a gentle push all depending on the tea you pick.  Knowing what kind of morning person you are can help you choose the perfect brew. Take the short quiz below to determine your “morning” personality, then calculate your scores (we promise the math is simple) and see the explanations below to determine the morning tea that is right for you. Your alarm clock goes off, you think… A)     What alarm clock?  I wake...

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Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack

Sarah the Tea Mistress Tranquility

 A Letter from Sarah the Tea Mistress Dear Joy's Teaspoon, I am Sarah the Tea Mistress.  I am not just a member of Joy’s Teaspoon but also a user.  This weekend has been far from perfect in the Tea Mistress household.  Here in Chicago the weather has been beautiful, not a statement we Midwesterners get to make very often!  The sun is shining, the temps are falling, the wind is blowing and so is my nose. Both Mr. Tea Mistress and I are sick at the moment with the kind of unattractive head colds that make happily married couples sleep...

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