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Joy's Jabberings — winter wonderland

Our 8 Favorite Fall Flavors

American Chai Apple Cider butterscotch button fall recipes JT Herself JT's Kitchen lapsang souchong Spice Pear Spicy Apple tea pairings Tie Guan Yin winter wonderland

Since it is the season for some of my favorite flavors and aromas, I figured now was a great time to share 8 of my favorite Autumn teas and some suggested recipes to go with them!

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Martha Stewart or Clark Griswold?

almond cookie black tea blue beauty oolong chocolate pot de tea Genmaicha JT Herself kirimara white mulled wine red elephant Sencha spicy pear winter wonderland

[caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="275" caption="Obviously the Griswold's don't live here!"][/caption] Quiz: What Your Holiday Decorations Say About Your Tea Drinking Style by Sarah the Tea Mistress Answer these questions to find out what kind of tea to drink based on how you decorate for the holidays.  The questions and their results have been heavily researched by The New England Journal of That Lady you Just Met and Scientific Proof Magazine. Enjoy! 1. It is time to put up a tree, you: a. Gather up the family and head to the tree lot to find the perfect pine, maybe even to...

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Martha and Me and Tea

Cinnamon Roll English Breakfast JT's Kitchen margarets hope Sarah the Tea Mistress spicy pear winter wonderland

by Sarah the Tea Mistress I love to bake! I love tea! I have been working through the recipes in Martha Stewart's Cupcake recipe book. What I love about cupcakes is that you can have a small serving size of dessert and it is just the right amount of dessert to pair with a cup of tea. Of course figuring out what tea pairs best with what cupcake is tough work, but someone has to do it! First up is a Black Forest cupcake. These cupcakes are very rich.  I like a strong black tea with most sweet things and these are...

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Little Yellow Teapot

joy's teaspoon Joy's Teaspoon Reviews joysteaspoon.com little yellow teapot winter wonderland

We love hearing about how wonderful our Joy's Teaspoon blends are...and we are used to awesome feedback from our human clientele!  It's a pretty special occasion, however, when one of the teapots themselves actually posts some thoughts!  Little Yellow Teapot seems to be quite pleased with our Winter Wonderland!

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