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Matcha Kaori

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Matcha Kaori, with its fresh cut grass and slightly floral aftertaste, is a bright matcha from Japan. A few weeks prior to the harvest date, the leaves were covered with shade to slow down their growth. Once they were machine harvested, the stems and veins were removed from the leaves and they were steamed to stop further oxidation. At this point, the leaves are called tencha. Tencha is stored just above freezing to allow the leaves to mature and the result is a sweeter leaf. All of these steps are pretty standard for matcha production.

Here's where we venture off the path less traveled...The tencha leaves were then ground. In this case, a traditional granite mill, which is slower but produces much smaller matcha particles, was used. Matcha Kaori is unique because the leaves used to make this matcha were all grown in the same garden. Traditionally, matcha makers would use leaves from multiple tea gardens in a region. 

Yoshiaki Hattori, the Tea Maker for Hattori Farm, does not use traditional tea growing chemicals that are so popular in Japanese tea growing. While not certified organic, Hattori uses organic practices and cultivation in the tea gardens. His business partner, Kunikazu "Kuni" Mochitani, runs the solar-powered panels that shade the tea plants instead of the typical cloth shading. The solar energy helps offset the power needs of the factory.

Origin: Kikugawa City, Shizuoka, Japan

Grower: Yoshiaki Hattori & Kunikazu Mochitani

Teamaker: Yoshiaki Hattori

Serving Amount: 1.5 - 2 scoops

Temperature: 150 degrees

Whisk Time: Whisk tea until lumps are gone and you have created a good foam on the top.

Harvest Date: Spring 2015 (May)

Gring Date: Spring 2016 (March)

Sourcing: Hattori Farm

Size: 50g bag

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