Loose Leaf Teas and Brewing Accessories
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About Us

Joy's Teaspoon, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, was launched in April 2010 and debuted 32 tea blends, 10 spices and herbs, and a handful of teawares.  We have since added numerous teas and accessories to the collection and now proudly offer over 70 loose leaf teas and brewing accessories.  

  • In an effort to be transparent about our offerings, we have more than a dozen sources including blenders and teas that come direct from the growers.
  • When sourcing our teas, we try to ensure that workers are being provided with fair wages and social programs (medical, education, housing, dental, etc.). Our growers cannot always be Fair Trade certified but we take steps to ensure those things are happening. 
  • We also make an effort to ensure that the environment is being protected in areas where the tea is sourced. The growers we work with may not have the Organic certifications, but they grow in a responsible manner and implement things like composting, natural animal waste fertilizers, symbiotic plantings for pest control, etc.
  • We use recyclable paper bags and aluminum for all of our product packaging.
  • We collect paper from local businesses with no established recycling programs and use shredded documents for shipping/packaging filler. Thus, all of our shipping materials are recyclable (box, filler, packing slips, etc.). 
  • Our marketing materials and business cards are printed on chlorine free, recycled paper using soy based inks.
  • All scrap paper, printing paper and cardboard boxes are recyled or reused.
  • In-office sustainability program (energy star equipment, printer ink cartridges refilled/recycled, etc.).
  • Steeped teas for tea tastings and Joy's Teaspoon hosted events are used for compost. 
  • We only use bio-degradable paper cups or reusable ceramic tasting cups for events. 
  • When we attend tradeshows, we bring our own tasting cups. You'd be amazed at how many of those little cups you can go through! 


Naomi Rosen, Owner (@joysteaspoon)

I have been a tea drinker since high school.  Bagged teas, mostly fruity, with a ton of sugar.  I know, embarassing!  In 2005, I flew to Chicago, IL, for some serious sister time.  Minus the weight gain from non-stop MidWest gorging...that first trip to Chicago was incredible!  I fell in love with the feel of the city, but two places in particular - a spice shop and a tea shop.  I was enamored with the aromas and appearance of the teas on their own.  The idea that the flavor difference was influenced by the region in which it was grown, rainfall, soil pH, etc., was amazing.  Each tea was so distinct. What started out as a wonderful hobby of sipping tea turned into a passion of finding quality teas and sharing them with people that, like me, love chatting with friends over tea or laughing with family over an incredible meal. 

"Why Joy's Teaspoon?", you may ask.  My mom, Joy, passed away in April 2003 at 49.  As my family can attest, any product or ingredient that would have encouraged chatting would have been ADORED by my mom.  The motivation behind JoysTeaspoon.com, the articles and information we post on Joy's Jabberings, and the in-person tea tastings and events that we host, are created to share the story of our products, the rich flavors and cultures responsible for their creation and the benefits of incorporating healthy and natural ingredients in your every day life.  Most importantly, they are tools to communicate and spend time with those most important to you, your friends and family!  Joy would have been 110% behind that!  


Explorer SarahSarah Ruthven, Director of Marketing (@oolongofficer) 

By day I am an Instructor of Art History at a Community College and by night I lead the marketing efforts for Joy's Teaspoon.  No matter which hat I am wearing, you will find me steeping orthodox teas, especially Darjeelings and Medium to Dark Oolongs.  I wasn't always the coolest woman in the world.  I started drinking real tea when I moved to the Midwest and discovered a loose-leaf tea shop in my backyard.  They introduced me to green teas and I was hooked.   I love Joy’s Teaspoon not just because I am the sister of the owner but also because of it’s green initiatives and efforts in the global and local community.  In addition to assisting Joy's Teaspoon, I work with my local Chicago PADS shelter to provide dinners for the homeless, occassionaly volunteer as a tutor for adult students returning to school, and regularly act as a camp counselor through COSI, a camp for kids living with cancer.  Stressed or calm, busy or relaxing, I drink tea for all occasions, I just love it.


 Searching AudreaAudrea Fink, Director of Operations (@EarlSteeper)

I am the Director of Engagement at LexBlog, living in sunny Seattle. When I'm not educating attorneys on how to blog, or working on my tan, I like to come up with random ideas for Joy's Teaspoon. I really like tea and I can't remember a time without tea. My mom used to make me chamomile and peppermint tea when I was little (although it was bagged, insert shame face here). Then one fateful day, while out with the Chief Oolong Officer (Sarah), we discovered loose leaf tea and it was over. I was hooked. Genmaicha was my gateway tea and from there I slipped down the slope of Earl Grey. Just a few teas later and loose was all I could do.  While I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate quality green and white tea, my true love is black tea. I like the complexity, I like the hardiness of them and I like how tough I sound when I say I like my tea strong and black (no sugar or cream please). I love getting the opportunity to learn and discover new teas which is part of what I love so much about Joy’s Teaspoon. This organization seeks to save people from the horrors of bagged tea, yes, but not just through shaming. Education is key. It’s exciting and fun to learn about tea and to expand your tea horizon. In addition to my teaching social media to attorneys and introducing normal folk to tea, I’m also really passionate about animals. I have way too many pets and I would love to adopt more. When the day is done, I like to reward myself with a good book and a nice cup of tea.


Charitable Donations

Joy's Teaspoon always welcomes the opportunity to be a part of fundraising efforts!  We do focus on Southwest US non-profits as we enjoy working within our local communities.  In order to make a request, please email Naomi Rosen with the non-profit name, date and description of your event, number of people expected to participate and your donation request (gift certificate, samples, gift basket, raffle prizes, etc.).  We will respond to your request within 72 business hours.  We do ask that all requests be emailed to us at least 30 days prior to your event.  

Educational/Speaking Engagements

Naomi Rosen, Owner of Joy's Teaspoon, welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for tea and spices with vibrant communities.  Her presentation style is interactive, educational, and usually humorous.  Best of all, you get to taste what she's talking about! Previous speaking engagements include:

  • World Tea Expo Speaker and Panelist (2014 - Retail Trends; 2013-2015 - Tea Blogging)
  • McHenry Community College presentation regarding tea and non-Western architecture
  • Conducted countless pairings and tastings including Tea + Cheese, Tea + Chocolate, and focused green, white, black, and oolong cuppings
  • Featured Speaker at the 2012 Las Vegas Tea Festival.
  • Presented the History of Tea in February 2015 to 80+ individuals at the Western Veterinary Conference.

Contact Naomi directly via email OR 877-795-1411 to discuss your event today!

Custom Orders/Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift idea to give to clients or the best "Thank you" present? Customized tea gift baskets are personal, thoughtful gifts and we can easily work within any budget. We also offer smaller tins that can be personalized for wedding, baby showers, and birthday celebrations. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect gift! 

Contact Naomi directly via email OR 877-795-1411 to discuss your event today!


Wholesale/Restaurant Partnerships

Want to serve and/or sell the Joy's Teaspoon brand in your coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant? Interested in your own labeling?  We are always endeavoring to partner with businesses around the world to encourage healthy habits and time spent with family and friends.  If you think we might be able to assist you in your businesses operations, please contact us to discuss the opportunity!

Contact Naomi directly via email OR 877-795-1411 to discuss your event today!