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2005 Tuo Cha Sheng Puerh

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The term "Sheng" (rhymes with "young") refers to "uncooked" puerhs. It begins as raw tea leaves and is formed into its shape and then allowed to oxidize and age gradually. "Tuo Cha" is the shape of the tea, and in this case, means "bowl-like".  

This particular tea was harvested in 2005, and due to its' sheng status boasts a slightly minty flavor. The liquor is refreshing and light, making it an excellent starter puerh for the budding tea aficianado. Two additional fun facts: 

  • Puerhs can be steeped many, many times. In this case, these leaves can handle up to 10 steepings. 
  • We recommend "rinsing" the leaves with boiling water before steeping the first time. Simply pour boiling water over the leaves and then pour off. 

Country of Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Disk Size: 3.4 oz. 

Serving Amount: 3/4 Tbsp./8 oz. serving

Temperature: 212 degrees

Steeping Time: 1 minute 

Sourcing: Outside Blender

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