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About the tea...

Amba's lemongrass was:

  • plucked in the early morning, by hand,
  • sorted, by hand,
  • was dried via both sunlight and small dryer until the perfect moisture level was reached,
  • and produced a small batch resulting in 64 kg of tea (approx. 141 pounds). 

**When steeped, the liquor color will be a golden hue. Liquor flavors include lemondrops and a hint of honey.  

About Amba Estate: 

  • Amba is a small, organic farm located in the hills about 1000m above Ravanna Ella Waterfalls (Uva District). 
  • The estate grows tea, coffee, spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. 
  • Amba is one of the only tea estates in Sri Lanka making small scale, artisanal tea. 
  • Amba cross trains their employees (very rare) to enable fulfillment of multiple roles.
  • Amba offers a profit sharing program with their employees with 1% going into a charity fund, and the other 9% being split amongst the workers. This is almost unheard of in this part of the world! 
  • For more information on Amba Estate, please visit "The Woman With The Tea Garden" or check out this video on Youtube.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Serving Amount: 1 tsp./8 oz. serving

Temperature: 203-212 degrees

Steep Time: 5 minutes

Serving Size: 1 oz. of tea will provide 12-15 single cup servings

Sourcing: Direct from Grower

Harvest Date: August/September 2013

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