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About the tea...

This black tea blend, while blended similar to a breakfast blend, can be steeped and sipped at any point throughout your day! With a blend of both Assam and Darjeeling teas, it promises to take cream and sweeteners while still expressing it's unique flavor. If you are a fan of either tea region, this blend will be a real treat as you can disctinctly taste what makes each of these regions so famous to tea drinkers around the globe. 

About the Growers...

Glenburn Tea Estate, located in Darjeeling, India, is 758 hectares, 3200 feet above sea level and experiences 63-79 inches of rainfall per year.  A few more stats: 800+ workers, 700+ residential families, 8 villages, 3 schools and 1 hospital.  

Khongea Estate, located in Assam, India, is 490 hectares, 300 feet above sea level and experiences 150-200 inches of rainfall per year.  A few more stats: 1200+ workers, 700+ residential families, 3 villages, 2 schools and 1 hospital.  Khongea and Glenburn Estates have been owned and operated by the Prakash family for over 50 years and is overseen by G.N. Singh. 

Country of Origin: India

Quantity: 1 tsp./8 oz. serving

Temperature: 203-212 degrees

Steeping Time: 3-4 minutes

Serving Size: 1 oz. of tea will provide 12-15 single cup servings

Sourcing: Direct from Grower

Harvest: April 2015

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